Leafy Soulmates Rhaphidophora SP "Flame"

Leafy Soulmates Rhaphidophora SP "Flame"

A lot of you have questions about our Rhaphidophora SP "Flame." Today we will try to answer all the questions in this post. If you still have questions, feel free to comment on this post.
Rhaphidophora SP "Flame"
Origins: This plant originates from South-East Asia, mostly Thailand.
Where is the name coming from? This is a new unclassified rhapphidophora species. Hence, the name rhapphidophora sp. "Flame" is the name I came up with because of the shape of the plant looking like a flame. This is not the scientific name. That's why it is in the quotation mark.
- Is it the mature form of rhaphidophora terrespera or rhaphidophora retussa? No it is not.
- Is it a monstera species? No it is not
- What is the care for this plant? This plant is easy to care for. Just apply the same care as for rhaphidophora terrespera or monstera deliciosa.
- How fast they can grow? once they adapt to the your home environment, they grow quite fast. Normally, 1 leaf a month.
- What is the humidity level for this plant? They are low humidity tolerant so you can go as low as 45. However they can show some signs of distress while acclimating to low humidity.
- How rare is the plant in the plant market? As far as we know,  we are the only shop offering the plants at this moment.

- Where can I buy it? We sometimes offer cuttings of this plant here: SHOP If you don't see any active listing, feel free to contact out team at support@leafysoulmates.com. We will let you know when the next drop is available. 

If you still have questions, feel free to comment on this post.

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