Hello plant lovers, my name is Derrick Huynh, the founder of Leafy Soulmates.
It all started awhile back when I bought a fake monstera to decorate my
room. Yes, you read it right. I bought a fake plant. (Cringing moment.)
Ironically, that fake monstera has ignited my love for indoor plants, real ones!
For the first time, I realized the true beauty of nature. Every plant, each leaf,
and stem are part of a story that mother earth wants to tell us. I not only
appreciate the beauty, but also have learned that there are reasons behind every
foliage. In the span of 1 month, I went on to obtain over 100 plants. With all
the failures and successes, I has grown further into the hobby. And while doing
that, I felt
I felt like I am the king of my own jungle.
Then I wished I could share my passion with other people so that they can
feel like they are kings and queen in their own jungles too.
That's when Leafy Soulmates was born. We are a group of friends and family
members who are in love with plants and passionate to share that love with as
many people as possible. When we say that we  strongly believe a little cute plant can have the power to brighten up and change someone's life completely, a lot of non-plant friends will laugh at us . But we know you won't. Because you
understand the impact of plants in your life too. It's either changed your life for
the better or at least make it more joyful and more enjoyable. 
So long story short, that fake monstera made us sell plants now :))
If you are here, you are either a plant collector, a plant enthusiast or a plant
noob. Why do we say that? Because we don't care how rare a plant is. If it's
gorgeous, we sell it. So you will expect to see rare specimens, and also uniquely
beautiful, but affordable plants curated in our shop. 
You can come here to shop and also learn more about every plant we have in the
TIPS page. We will have little gifts once in a while for some customers. Hope you
will like our planty gifts. Anyway, enough chit chat! Happy plant shopping and
good luck finding your leafy soulmates!