The Ultimate Unboxing Guide

The Ultimate Unboxing Guide

Step 1: Check the box for any heavy damages. If there is, make sure take photos of the box from different angle. Make sure the damages are shown clearly in the photos.

Step 2: Carefully unwrap the packages. There are a lot of cases that the customers accidentally cut into the plants. We really want to avoid that situation as much as possible. Remove the plants from the box and the carton tube.

Step 3: Check the box and packing material to make sure you don't throw away the smaller plants.

Step 4: Examine the plants for any signs of damages. Remove any dead leaves.

Step 4-1: If the plants look normal, move on to step 5.

Step 4-2: If the plants look slightly dehydrated and the moss/soil is dry, water the pot a little bit then move on to step 5. 

Step 4-3: If the plants show signs of weather damages,  immediately follow the guide here

Step 5-1: Place your plant in a medium bright location. Avoid bright direct light for at least 2 days.

Step 5-2: Make sure the temperature is around 70-80 F. 

Step 5-3: Because these plants coming from a greenhouse environment so please maintain the humidity around 75 to 80%  for at least 10 days before you acclimate him/her to your home environment. A complete guide on acclimation here

Step 6: After 1- 2 days, move the plants to a new location with bright indirect light. 

Step 7: Regularly check on your plant's progress.

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