Deflasking Your Tissue Culture Plants: A Step-by-Step Guide

Deflasking Your Tissue Culture Plants: A Step-by-Step Guide

This guide will walk you through the process of successfully transferring your tissue culture plant (explant) to a regular potting mix.


  • Prepared potting mix specific to your plant type (see options below)
  • Flask containing your tissue culture plant
  • Gloves 
  • sterile tweezers(optional)
  • Watering can
  • Clear dome or acclimation bag (optional)

Plant-Specific Potting Mixes:

  • Alocasia: perlite or pumice or stratum. We use stratum to for our tissue culture alocasias.
  • Other plants: Sphagnum moss


  1. Prepare the Potting Mix: Choose the appropriate mix based on your plant type and pre-moisten it slightly.

  2. Cleanse and Prepare: Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, or wear gloves for added sterility.

  3. Remove the Explant: Carefully open the flask and gently remove the plantlet (explant) using your fingers or sterile tweezers.

  4. Rinse Away the Gel: Using clean water, gently rinse off any remaining gel medium from the roots and leaves. Be extra cautious with the roots, as they are delicate after developing in a soft gel environment.

  5. Planting: Place your explant in the prepared pot and water thoroughly. If you plant the plants in  perlite or pumice or stratum, leave a bit of filter water in the tray (Semi Hydro method.)

  6. Acclimation Time: Create a humid environment for your newly potted plant by placing it under a clear dome or inside an acclimation bag. Ensure it receives bright, indirect light. Important: Avoid direct sunlight while the plant is domed/bagged, as this can damage it.

  7. Gradual Adjustment: Maintain the dome/bag for at least a week. Over the next 2-6 months, gradually open or remove the acclimation structure to allow your plant to adjust to the lower humidity of its new environment. (Alocasias may require doming for 1-2 months initially.)

  8. Monitor and Maintain: Throughout this process, keep an eye out for fungal growth. If necessary, increase air circulation around the plant or apply a fungicide according to the product instructions.

  9. Feeding Time: After one month, you can begin fertilizing your plant with your preferred fertilizer solution.

By following these steps, you can successfully deflask your tissue culture plant and help it thrive in its new home!

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