Acclimating damaged plants after shipment

Follow these steps when you acclimate your plant if it arrived in bad condition. :

  1. Inspection: Examine the plant's condition closely.
  2. If the plant shows signs of dehydration, please check the roots
  3. If the roots are dry and shriveling, please wash the root system and remove any dead roots and substrate attached to the roots. Immediately place the plant in water.
  4. If the roots are wet and mushy, immediately remove all the black and mushy parts until all the roots are firm and there is no sign of rot shown on the roots. Spray the roots with fungicide and let it air dry for 6 hours. After then place the plant in water to rehydrate the plant.
  5. Acclimation: Position the plant in a location that is sheltered from bright light. Gradually move it into brighter positions until it reaches the final position that meets the specified lighting requirements. Keep the plant in a humidity chamber during this phase to help it recover quickly and ease the transition.
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